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acupressure new slipperacupressure new slipper

Acupressure slippers are simply designed to ensure gentle stimulation through footwear as our modern lifestyle has prevented the natural stimulation of the feet. … Lowers feet stiffness. Increases blood circulation in the foot. Relieves the pain from of the knee and ankles.

brings to you valuable acupressure slipper for the treatment of sciatica, leg pain, cramps, heel pain, knee pain, piles, migraine, sinus, and also to relieve your stress. This therapy is durable and effective to refresh you, recommended by doctors around the globe! Grab this pain relief product today that really works!

accupressure slipper newaccupressure slipper new

Acupressure Slipper New

Acupressure light weight, comfortable, Highly Durable Footcare/ Slippers/ Sandals accepted & Presbribed by Acupressurists & Physicians. The footcare has been carefully designed and developed with consultation of Acupressurists & Doctors placing the acupressure points as per the general Foot Curvature. As all our Body Parts are connected through our feet and the placement of Magnet on the footbed helps in controlling blood pressure and re- energize/ rejuvinates without any side effects through Magnetic Effect and Acupressure Massage. These acupressure Footcare Product with Magnetic Effect gives light massage and stimulates and treats all body parts connected through acupressure.

new acupressure slippernew acupressure slipper

Take the Weight Off Your Feet Stylishly

Preserve healthy feet for years to come. Even if your feet are perfectly healthy right now; it would be a sensible move to take proactive action to ensure that they continue to remain so. Your feet take far more punishment daily than you might realize. They support your entire weight when you stand, walk, or even indulge in spot jogging at home.

acupressure new unisex slipperacupressure new unisex slipper

Acupressure footwear with magnetic effect

Acupressure footwear with magnetic effect that stimulates all acupressure points on your feet. The acupressure insole has been contoured in accordance with the shape of the general foot structure and also provides an excellent arch as support. The strategically and scientifically placed magnets helps in blood circulation and helps you re-energize. These slippers or sandals function on the basis of reflexology, a theory that says stimulating a specific point on the sole of the feet which improves overall health as well as wellness by alleviating stress.

uni acupressure slipper new

uni acupressure slipper new

new acu slipper

new acu slipper

acu slipper best

acu slipper best

Greater Comfort for Patients with Painful Feet

People are more prone to suffer from ultra-sensitivity, pains, and swelling of the feet. Some even experience skin peeling from blisters caused by closely covered footwear. Our flip flops are a godsend for them as they are made from skin friendly materials such as Eva pointed. If your work requires you to stand for long periods, you probably suffer from pains underfoot. The flexi puff of the double layered Acupressure slippers are so soft that they help in easing the pain in the heel.

Rectify Structural Damage to the Feet

The commonest structural damage of the feet that anyone might face would be fallen arches. Acupressure slippers are specially designed to provide support to the feet, and realign the joints in them. Our lightweight, soft, and snug slippers provide just that with a point support built into them for the arches of the feet.

Get Relief From That Ungainly Walk

The acupressure insoles can offer extra support, which don’t just rectify, but afford greater comfort to the wearer. So, you can go for your morning or evening walks in them without any discomfort, or embarrassment. Your self-confidence will also increase as your gait improves

Heel Type: Western Heel
Care Instructions: Wash with mild soap Donâ€t put in the washer or drier Donâ€t let dry in direct sunlight Donâ€t use hard brush

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